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Altered Images
 Before and After Edits

Audierne_raw as taken_P5180730.jpg

Original Image

IMAGE 1 --Raw as taken - Olympus E-M5II set to ART preset 5 grainy film -jpeg and RAW records both and is available as options

Audierne in camera preset_P5180730.jpg

Black and White 

IMAGE 2-----Preset as converted in-camera for Retro Atmospheric effect.--tends to be a little blue for some uncalibrated screens, but can be corrected in Photoshop "Camera Raw Filter" (or lightroom if preferred)

Audierne_REMOVE TOOL_mono_P5180730.jpg

Car Removed

IMAGE 3---------IMAGE 2 with "REMOVE TOOL" applied to the car and kerbside sign opposite. If the generated car replacement is examined it can be seen that the road/wall junction is not a copy from anywhere in the image so must be generated by some AI algorithm.

the stream notch_16x12_mono_P5200277.jpg

Before and After at Sandymouth by Ray Jacobs

The colour version was the Raw file produced by the Camera.

The Mono was the Jpeg "Art" preset version produced in-camera and then tweeked in photoshop to darken the rock faces and water lightened and "clarified in" in "Camera Raw Filter" to stand out. The pebbles were modified by "curves" to define shapes. Other minor adjustments applied.

Magnolia Transformation by Penny Brewer - Screen the Unseen - May 2024.jpg
painted_DSC7054 copy.jpg

Digitally Painted Magnolia by Penny Brewer

During Covid I found myself with plenty of time on my hands to learn a new technique.  So I learnt how to paint flowers on the computer in Photoshop.  It is quite a skill and fairly complicated to start with, but I soon found myself adidcted to the process. I think I have now painted every flower in the garden and lots more.

I also added my own textured back ground with a canvas overlay to finish the artwork

Brutalism at the Baltic.jpg
Brutalism at the Baltic 2-Edit.jpg

Brutalism at the Baltic by Pedro Landers

Cropped and straightened in Lightroom and then the perspective corrected in Photoshop together with a few bits of cloning to simplify the image. Converted into mono in Lightroom and the contrast pushed up.

More Baltic Brutality-2.jpg
More Baltic Brutality.jpg

More Brutalism at the Baltic by Pedro Landers

Cropped in Lightroom and the two wings of the image darkened using graduated filters. The whole image was turned into a negative with the Curves in Lightroom and the perspective altered using Transform.


Original Image

St Ives refuse day_mono popped_IMG_0331.jpg

Black and White Popped

St Ives refuse day 2_IMG_0331.jpg

Refuse Day

St Ives Refuse Day by Ray Jacobs

Inspired by Jane Lazenby Easter Challenge again, but not strictly of her techniques covered this time, I have one "Before" and 2 alternative "Afters" from the same start, resulting in two images with different story emphasis and mood. Images hopefully reduced to fit.


Original revisited was taken up a side alley at St Ives. Steps being one of my recurring themes.


First attempt was to remove distracting details, Bin, downpipe, clean backsteps and other details with "Healing" and "Clone" "Tools". Next "Quick Select" Red Refuse Bag. "Select" "Invert" "Raw Camera Filter" "Monochrome" to convert, adjust to desired effect, "Vignette". Back out and adjust brightness zonally with "Select" areas/"Image" "Adjustments" "Curves" and separately, "Camera Raw Filter" to balance and affect Mood.


Second image, "Crop" in tighter to emphasize the Bin (only in St Ives!). Remove distractions again. Zonally balance by adjusting brightness with "Select" areas/"Image" "Adjustments" "Curves" and separately "Camera Raw Filter". "Quick Select" bin, in "Camera Raw Filter" increase "Vibrance" of  Green, Red, Orange and Yellow sliders to brighten the decoration and reduce Black to create contrast.


This illustrates a secondary effect of the free Lazenby Challenges as well as new techniques many ideas to keep things fresh!

optically spectacular display.jpg

1st - Optically Spectacular Display by Ray Jacobs

In Photoshop, cropped to reduce numbers of specs. Removed distractions with clone and healing brush tools. Camera Raw Filter to sharpen (clarity), increase vibrance and balance lights and darks.

monochrome security fencing +red_P1010730.jpg

3rd - Monochrome Fencing + Red by Ray Jacobs

In Photoshop, cropped to eliminate edge distractions. Healing brush to remove distractions on white stripes. Camera Raw Filter to increase contrast and darken blacks, darken space between the gates and increase the vibrance of the red barrier inside and increase the overall sharpness with Clarity.

sand dune erosion-website_IMG_0145.jpg

Sand Dune Erosion by Ray Jacobs

Prompted by yesterday's WCPF email and the point that Mono Digital Images needed some zonal improvement and not just conversion with imagewide adjustment.

This one was converted to mono and selectively enhanced  using Photoshop's Camera Raw Filter and selective Dodge and Burn to emphasize the Erosion of the sand dunes particularly around the area of the posts. 

The same tools were used to produce subtle Vignette and shade "leading lines" to that area.

liz Kingsand unedited copy.jpg
liz Impressionist Kingsand copy.jpg

Impressionism by Liz Webb

I recently signed up for a 1.5 hour workshop with Celia Henderson:  "Paint like and artist - Impressionism" as I enjoy impressionist art and jumped at chance to learn how to alter a photo into an impressionist style image.


The unedited image I took a couple of years ago of Kingsand, I just converted the RAW file to jpg and thought it would be a good trial image.  In essence the technique is based Photoshop using layers to digitally build up layers of paint using the brushes available in PS and then using different brushes and applying masks in each layer to scrape off  sufficient paint to reveal.  It's a trial and see iterative process and very absorbing.  


The second image is my very first attempt at this.  Clearly there is a way to go before I can perfect this technique.  I'm enjoying stretching my processing techniques and becoming more familiar with PS resources.

10__MG_2296 copy.jpg
11_LOVE IS v3 (16x12) by Peter Tulloch copy.jpg

Love Is  by Peter Tulloch

Taken in Namibia, the Mum was very proud of her baby (they always are of course) and here he is. The frontal flash was too harsh and the interior of her shop was very dark – cool in the hot sunshine outside though. I worked to improve the lighting balance and background detail and to de-saturate her very bright pink dress straps. The baby’s shawl also needed added detail gained from the RAW image. 

Lastly, I managed to get some detail into the braided hair styling !

08_MG_7927 - Peter.jpg
09_FISHING FROM THE PIER_Peter Tulloch copy.jpg

Fishing From the Pier by Peter Tulloch

If I am honest, I was after the wear and tear on the soles of his feet but I needed more to allow the image to tell the story. So, the RH side and the ‘stick’ across his feet had to go persuaded by appropriate cloning. I was quite close to him to take the photo but he never noticed me.

Heads Up.jpg
Heads Up 2.jpg

Heads Up by Peter Tulloch

These guys were totally involved in what they were doing. I got rid of most of the uninteresting background and then boosted contrast and saturation to my taste. It also improved the composition to close the gap between the two boys (cloning tool). The title is a play on bottoms up but drawing attention to the ‘executed’ fish !

03_IMG_2313 copy.jpg
05_PUT A LID ON IT_Peter Tulloch copy.jpg

Put a Lid on it by Peter Tulloch

Found abandoned in the Islands of Scotland this kettle needed restoration ! Here I tweaked the image generally to tidy it up (to my taste) and then found and photographed an old (nearly similar teapot) and then threw in the lid using various layers to achieve a soft landing 

The Jump.jpg
Getting the Jump.jpg

Getting the Jump by Peter Tulloch

This is my grandson and I having some fun. He was threatening to jump off this low cliff and I was daring him to do so. The image is cropped to get rid of much of the distracting out of focus area on the RH side. Then tweaking exposure (shadows and highlights), increasing contrast and saturation and sharpening the lad himself. A few grasses were also cloned away – Can you spot which – a judge will ?

Devon Cream and Blue Sky.jpg
Devon Cream.jpg

Devon Cream by Peter Tulloch

Always have a camera (OK smartphone) with you. This was taken whilst joining the queue to have my 1st Covid vaccination. The light was magic and the building shapes offering a potential abstract image. I did not want the trees (too real) so I have cropped them off. The rest becomes my main image with a little tidying up. General agreement that the shadowy doorway in the bottom LH corner should go – I am still not sure on that one. Title comes from the colour of the yellow being the same as on our house – Devon Cream.

Hold Tght.jpg
More Coke.jpg

More Coke by Peter Tulloch

This lady was struggling with the hot weather and seemingly clinging to her bottle of Coca Cola (for liquid) and the wheel of the steam engine (for support). The choice of title was to ‘play’ with the idea of her needing more Coca Cola and the steam engine needing more coke to get it going ! Image tidied up (top highlights removed) and adjustments made to exposures especially in the shadows to bring out more detail and interest

_MG_5370 copy.jpg
FAKE NEWS (16x12) by Peter Tulloch copy.jpg

Fake News by Peter Tulloch

Taken whilst photographing graffiti in Paris. The original image lacked much interest so after cropping and cleaning up the original image, I added three new elements from another tattered poster (reversing one) and resizing. I ‘turned’ the streetlight ‘on’ for further effect and then took the title from the word “FAKE” on the image ! It was topical at the time too.

05_MG_8314 copy.jpg
06 SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL_Peter Tulloch copy.jpg

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil by Peter Tulloch

The three girls were sitting on their own awaiting the start of a fairground parade but for me the warning ropes and flags were distracting. Their legs and hands were in totally different positions. It became a ‘no-brainer’ to crop low ! After a few comments received, the plastic bottle on the RH side had to go. The title (always important if only to give a judge a steer) was a take on the well know saying.


Flamenco Dancer by Penny Brewer

Dickensian Evening Original.jpg

Dickensian Evening Christmas Lights by Penny Brewer

Edited in Camera Raw Photoshop, perspective fixed with Nik Perspective Efex. Used Spot healing to take out the bright spots in the background. Sharpened the chap on the left as the f stop was a bit too wide and then DeNoise in Topaz Labs.

dickensian 2.jpg
Dickensian 1.jpg

Dickensian Evening Christmas Lights by Penny Brewer

I edited in Camera Raw Photoshop,  cropping out the lady to a closer view. I then removed the light distractions with the Spot Healing brush and replaced the lamp with a better image which I cutout and placed over the out of focus lamp. Darkened the background, then I used Spot Healing Brush to take out the bright spots around the lamp. DeNoise in Topaz Labs.

Dartmoor Tree copy.jpg
Dartmoor Edit copy.jpg
Dartmoor Sources.jpg

Dartmoor by Chris Holdsworth

Trolley Parking Original.jpg
Trolley Parking Edit.jpg

Shopping Trollies by Chris Holdsworth

lonely trees after.jpeg

InfraRed Lonely Trees by David Mayer

Tate entrance_P1010358.jpg
Caught Red Handed.jpg

Caught Red Handed by Ray Jacobs

Red and Green.jpg
red and green.jpg

Red and Green by Ray Jacobs

Pipe smoker colour.jpg
Pipe smoker B&W.jpg

Barbican Biker Bacci Break by Ray Jacobs

White Lines.jpg
Line and Colour.jpg

Coloured Lines by Ray Jacobs

Wonky Chairs.jpg
Almost Aligned edited.jpg

Almost in Line by Ray Jacobs

Almost Aligned.jpg
Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 07.31.10 copy.jpg

Series of Chatting by Ray Jacobs

Yellow Flowers.jpg
Abstract Yellow Flowers.jpg

Abstract Yellow Flowers by Russell Gaffney

Red Arm.jpg
Reflection Reversed.jpg

Red Arm Reversed Reflection by Pedro Landers

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