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wcpf Inter-club PDI Competition 2024

Please see results below of our entry into the DPI competition where 18 images were entered by Tavistock.  This year out of 47 clubs who entered we scored a total of 212 points out of a possible 270

and were = 13th with Launceston.  


It's the usual format of scores out of 15 with 3 judges each scoring 2-5 points.  


Well done to Peter with "Pair of Warthogs Trotting By" which scored maximum 15 points

and achieved a Highly Commended.  


As a comparator to last year's results, were were = 22nd out of 48 clubs so a significant improvement.


On behalf of The Selection Panel, I'd like to say Thank You to all those whose images were selected, be it for the DPI and/or Print comps and to all our club members over the last few months who have provided a pool of images for The Selection Panel to choose from.  Remember, the more club comps you enter images for, the more we have to choose from.

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